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Why choose Great Lakes Home Inspector?

We Listen

The main reason we are requested so much is because we listen to your needs and not tell you why you cannot purchase the home. We provide you with all the information it would take to fix the issues. It's your future home. We give you the information and you can decide if you'd like to go forward with your purchase. 

We are Experts

GLHI is certified and trained with the ASHI standards to uphold your standards. We have also gone to extreme standards to not only see what type of mold you have, but how to fix this. GLHI is EPA certified as well as RADON certified. 

We Deliver Results

You need someone who not only diagnoses your home, but also tells how to fix it and how much it will cost. It is not out of the ordinary to have us contact the contractors you have interviewed to decide not only pricing, but if they are capable of the work they promise. Hiring GLHI gives you so much more return on investment than any other traditional home inspector. 


Don't wait! Schedule your home inspection today.


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