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Great Lakes Home Inspector



Welcome to GLHI

GLHI comes with not only the newest technology to inspect homes, but also the new approach of discussing issues with the prospective buyer. Most home inspectors can be intimidating to their client because they have taught just to look for problems. GLHI not only finds the problems, but also addresses the client on how to fix the issue. GLHI was created because there were too many clients being scared off by issues that could be easily resolved or was completely misdiagnosed. GLHI has a background in marketing for Home Improvement Products such as roofing, windows, etc. This is a huge benefit to our clients because we know EXACTLY how much things should cost. If you need a new roof or insulation GLHI provides you with the bottom line price.  The best reviews we have is that our customers love that after all is done GLHI is still available to not only explain to them certain issues, but even go to bat against the salesmen when they are requesting prices. We will ALWAYS be helping you improve your dream home. 

Our Team

A team with the history of customer service, home improvement, and foundation specialists are ready to assist you with any issues you have. 

Our Services

Not only do we offer home inspections, radon testing, and mold testing, but we have also been certified in them too. If you have a question never feel bad to simply shoot us a text! We will answer them and put you in the right direction.

Contact Us

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As a realtor, Ryan was the absolute best. The highest compliment I can give is that he is the one I will always recommend to my clients. His work is the absolute best. It is art watching this guy in action. You MUST watch him use his FLIR Gun. It's awesome!

Benny Eveler

I was a first time home buyer and was terrified! GLHI was so understanding and helpful when it came to the issues with the home. There wasn't a step he didn't walk me through, but more importantly gave me the pricing that it would be. He even contacted the contractor himself!

Tricia Stewarts

I started investing in commercial properties. I simply couldn't relate to my other home inspectors who took way too long and were looking for issues I didn't care about. GLHI listens, but also saves me a ton of money by telling me what everything SHOULD cost in his reports. The ROI with this company is extremely impressive. 

Sonny Kennard


Don't wait! Schedule your home inspection today.

(Also, if you have a simple question just shoot us a text and that question will be answered free of charge.)


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